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Starting with Quick Harvest Timers couldn't be easier, just 3 simple steps


Connect to your Harvest account to retrieve all your projects and tasks.


The default settings are great, but you can set them to whatever you like.


Start tracking time using the Projects and Tasks selection boxes or click/tap any recently used task to start/stop.

In detail

Many timetrackers lack the ability to easily and quickly start and stop tasks, now using the Quick Harvest Timers app, this is going to change.

Quite often one has to select a client, then a project and after that a task, and then if you’re lucky you can start the task without having to enter further details.

Simply connect this app to your Harvest account and it will retrieve all projects with associated tasks.
It will show the most recently used tasks as Quick timer buttons to quickly start/stop tasks. Especially if you’re working on a number of different tasks through-out the day, then this will give you the ability to quickly switch tasks yet keep an accurate account of time spent on each task.

You can also select a project and a task to start a new task, which will automatically be added to the recently used tasks.

Did you know that Harvest Time Tracking can be used for free?

Minimum recording time

Timers that have recorded less than this amount of seconds will automatically be deleted when stopped. This avoids accidentally started tasks to be stored.
(default value: 60 seconds)

Activity period

This determiners how far back the app will look for task activity and show the tasks with activity as Quick timer buttons.
(default value: 14 days)

Readonly mode

This will disable starting and stopping tasks.

This is for example useful for a viewing only monitor so that tasks are not accidentally started or stopped.

Quick timer buttons

With the quick timer buttons you see instantly how much time you’ve spent.

Showing the current session time as well as the time spent during the activity period.

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